You have questions, we have answers. 


Aren’t you Mamie Ruth?  Why do you have a new website?

We created this new, easy to use, custom-focused website to make ordering your personalized tees quicker and easier.  


Why do I need custom merch anyways? 

We have a retail store in Savannah, Georgia and realized that our customers loved buying our Savannah themed tees! We started offering custom merch to other boutiques and their customers loved it too! We have sold thousands of custom made tees to boutiques all over the country and now we have made it easier than ever.


$300 seems high? Is this the price of one shirt?

$300 is the pack price. Each custom design comes in a 12 pack of 4 small, 4 medium, and 4 large tees. Each tee is $25. If you are interested in larger packs or additional sizes please e-mail us at wholesale@mamieruth.com


Are these shirts unisex?

All of our tees & sweats feature our classic hi-low cut and raw hems. It is a flattering cut that isn't cropped, but lands right at the waistline. If you are interested in unisex or uncut tees, please e-mail us at wholesale@mamieruth.com


My town has enough themed merch, what else are these designs good for?

Since we offer such low minimums, these graphics are also perfect for local events, fundraisers or special/limited edition runs. Get creative!


When I am creating my design I see a white outline or box on my art file, Does the white print on the shirt?

No, white will not print onto the garment. It is just there to help showcase the design style. 


The text I want won’t fit into the text box!

We are working diligently to make our custom site work perfectly but there are some hiccups along the way. If you have a custom phrase you would like to include and it won’t fit please e-mail us at wholesale@mamieruth.com


The site is glitching when I am trying to design my tee, help! 

We are still in the beta testing phase of our new site. If you have issues with the site please let us know! We need your help to make it perfect! If you see an issue please e-mail us at wholesale@mamieruth.com and let us know! 


I have an event next week, can you rush my tees?

We consider ourselves your magic t-shirt fairy. We can probably make that happen. If you have a rush order or custom request email us before placing your order at wholesale@mamieruth.com 


How do you print such low minimums so quickly? 

We have a state of the art direct-to-garment printer that delivers high quality prints onto our garments.   


I have a custom color request. Can you accommodate that for me?

If you are interested in additional colors or requests please e-mail us at wholesale@mamieruth.com